Informational Meeting

I will be having an Informational Meeting for the 2015 trip on the 10th of November at 6pm in Godfrey 201. Tell everyone who is interested to attend.

Another Year has gone by…

This years trip to London has come and gone by in what seems to have been a blur (said as I am still a little jet lag). I took over a considerable larger group this year with a total of 16 of us. We stayed at the Eckerd London study centre this year and I would like to say that Ed, Billy and Maria could not have been more gracious hosts.

The girls worked hard, played hard and traveled hard – with some groups traveling out of London each weekend – I don’t now how they were still standing at the end of the trip. But they did GC proud with Chris commenting on how excellent their design were and asking for contact information for several of the girls.

Planning has already started for next year.  I have to start early if we want to go back to Eckerd the house is very popular. So I have asked for May 14th – June 9th. I will keep everyone posted on the dates when they are finalized.


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